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The analysis of a building from design inception to operation and end of life

At Viro, we can support building design development by undertaking analyses of embodied carbon, operational carbon and building usability. Our approach will ensure that stakeholders fully understand the impact of their building on its users and the environment.

Life Cycle Assessments (LCA)

Whole Life Carbon Assessments

Post Occupancy Evaluation

Whole Life Carbon Assessments

Whole Life Carbon

Approximately 40% of greenhouse gases are attributed to the built environment, and if left unchecked, this could double by 2050. A Whole Life Carbon Assessment (WLCA) is a crucial standard that provides a holistic view of a building's full life cycle, from appraisal to end of life.

Embodied Carbon

Our embodied carbon approach measures the carbon emissions generated during the construction process and at the end of a building's lifespan. Our expertise ensures that your building development minimises its carbon footprint from start to finish.

Operational Carbon

We also advise on design solutions to achieve carbon reduction and optimal efficiency during the use of a building, ensuring performance and operational gains. A building that is net zero in operation is highly energy efficient with very low energy demands.

Whole Life

Viro's whole life assessment factors in both embodied and operational carbon for a holistic view of a building. The goal is to help you strive towards net zero, where carbon emissions are reduced to zero or even become negative.

Find Out More

Ready to discuss your project's life cycle requirements in more detail? Our highly experienced in-house team of sustainability consultants can provide expert advice on potential options tailored to your needs.

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“Having worked with the Viro team consistently for over 10 years across multiple projects and sectors, I find their help and expertise invaluable. I have worked with them to deliver BREEAM and LCA Assessments; their assessors give clear and concise requirements. They are proactive supporting my design teams, assisting with the design and specifications to deliver the right project solutions and building outcomes. Based on project team members who add value to a project, Viro will always get a chair at future design teams I assemble.”

- Nigel Williams, Project and Real Estate Manager, KLA

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